"Android is an Linux based operating system backed up by Google, is designed primarily to work with smart-phones and tablets extending to support devices like laptop, net books, Smart TV's, Cameras and wrist watches."

With over 80% market share of the Smart phone Market, android market place is the one place your business cannot miss out...With the rapidly improving core Android OS and evolving development tools an android app can be a great carrier for your business.

We have a good mix of business context and technical knowledge. Our technical expertise in Android SDK Manager (android sdk), the AVD Manager (android avd) the emulator (emulator), and the Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (ddms) have helped us roll out enterprise Applications in Android. We have a good mix of business context and technical knowledge in analyzing the requirement and guiding it for a perfect launch. Our skill sets related to Open Graphics Library have helped companies in launching their marketing campaign using 3Dgames. .

What we do

  • Track record of 100% success at the previous app campaign
  • Apps specifically designed and developed aimed at android platform
  • Delivers for diverse app Categories through specifically conceiving, designing and developing Apps
  • Top-notch Designers and Developers Well-tuned for the android platform